Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is the purpose of the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

The North Central Texas Certification Agency (NCTRCA) was created in 1992 to provide a more efficient regional certification process to:

  • Benefit the growing disadvantaged, minority and woman-owned business (D/M/WBEs) population in North Texas;
  • Provide D/M/WBEs with a one stop certification program/requirement rather than having to satisfy the separate requirements of each public entity they were seeking to do business as a certified D/M/WBE;
  • Provide North Texas public entities with a list of D/M/WBEs  to satisfy their aspirational goals and/or supplier diversity program requirements.

Since opening NCTRCA’s doors to the local business community, the Agency has reviewed over 20,000 applications and grew its membership to a total 22 member organizations to provide them a database of approximately 3,400 certified firms.

For the member organization list and contact information, please click: Member Entities


2. Does it cost anything to be certified? 

The ACDBE and DBE applications are free.

There will be an application fee for: Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Small Business Enterprises Concessionaire (SBECs), and Certifications (Per Application).

The fee will be as follows:

1st Certification - $150
2nd Certification - $100
3rd Certification - $75
4th Certification - $75
Renewal Fee (Every Two Years) - $75
Out of jurisdiction applicants - $250 (new applications)

If you have questions, please call NCTRCA at 817-640-0606.


3. What supporting documents does the NCTRCA request?

The NCTRCA only requests documentation that will support the ownership, management, and controlling role of the disadvantaged/minority/women owners and key employees. You will find that the supporting documents are in line with the certification agencies throughout the nation.

For a list of required supporting documents and the application forms, please select Certification from the top menu and go to Certification Checklist or you can click here.


4. What if the requested information is not available or applicable?

Please provide on a separate page a detailed explanation as to why the requested information is not available or applicable. While the explanation may be beneficial to the initial processing of your file, it does not mean that the explanation will suffice to complete the certification process or that the information will not be requested at a later date.


5. Why doesn't the NCTRCA accept certification from the State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC), Women’s Business Council –Southwest (WBC), etc.?

The NCTRCA is not able to accept the certifications from those other certification agencies, since their policies and procedures may differ from those found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49, Parts 23 and 26 for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE)and the Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) certification guidelines.

Please contact the individual NCTRCA member entities to determine which certifications they accept.  For the member organization list and contact information, please click: Member Entities


6. Is there any certification that the NCTRCA will accept?

No, the NCTRCA does not accept certification from other entities.


7. What if my firm is DBE certified by another state’s DOT, can I submit my DBE certification to the NCTRCA for processing?

The NCTRCA will not process the application; the firm must submit its DBE application directly to TXDOT.


8. Where can I obtain assistance to help understand the certification process and application? 

To gain an understanding of the certification process or to schedule a one-on-one meeting with an NCTRCA staff member, please call(817) 640-0606 or send an e-mail request to

Assistance is also available during the NCTRCA Certification Workshops which are held several times during the year at various North Texas locations.  For a schedule of the workshops, please go to and select the Training button in the System Training section or you can also click here.

You will find on the same website page, a copy of the NCTRCA Certification Workshop Presentation which may provide additional answers to your certification questions.


9. How long is the certification process?

If a certification application is complete with all the required supporting documents, the certification process is normally completed in 90 days; however, the 90 day process period cannot begin until a complete package is submitted.

If it is determined, the process will require additional time, the NCTRCA staff will notify the applicant via e-mail as soon as possible with an explanation for the delay. Also, note that a site visit may be required prior to determining eligibility of awarding the certification.


10. What if I miss my site visit appointment?

If you are unable to keep the scheduled site visit appointment, please contact the NCTRCA office to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible by calling (817) 640-0606 or by e-mailing to

Staff will reschedule the site visit based on the Agency’s availability for the next opportunity for an appointment.


11. Why is the certification process so thorough?

The certification process requires the NCTRCA staff to perform a thorough review of the submitted application to ensure the submission is incompliance with the certification regulations.

Most delays are due primarily to the submission of an incomplete application inclusive of all supplemental documentation or if the applicant fails to respond to requests for additional information.  If it is determined, the process will be delayed, the NCTRCA staff will notify the applicant via e-mail as soon as possible with an explanation for the delay.


12. Will the certification process affect me when bidding on any public agency projects?

Please contact the public agency to which the bid is to be submitted to determine their policies and procedures regarding their certification requirements for their bids.Certification status will not affect a firm from doing business with any public agency.

For the member organization list and contact information, please click: Member Entities


13. Does certification ensure that my firm's name will be automatically placed in the member bidder's list?

Being certified will not automatically place a firm on a member entities bidder’s list.  Please contact the member entity you wish to do business with to determine how to be added to their bidder’s list.

For the member organization list and contact information, please click:  Member Entities


14. How long is the certification in effect?

Certification as a DBE is indefinite; however a firm is required to provide an annual update affidavit, personal net worth statement and other supportive documentation to the Agency during the month of its current anniversary date.

Certification as a MBE or WBE is granted in 2-year succession; afterwards a firm is required to provide an annual update affidavit with supportive documentation to the Agency during the month of its current expiration date.


15. If I submit my annual update affidavit prior to the anniversary/expiration date, will it be processed sooner?

No.  It will be processed in the month of the current anniversary/expiration date.


16. How do I identify my certification anniversary or expiration date?

The last four (4) digits of the firm's certification number represent the month and year of anniversary/expiration.  Sixty days prior to the anniversary/expiration date, the NCTRCA will notify the firm that a renewal certification affidavit is required. The renewal certification affidavit can be downloaded from


17. What if my certification has expired and I have already sent my information?

Contact the NCTRCA to verify that the agency has received the completed annual update affidavit and supplemental information needed to process the recertification. Also let your clients know about the pending status. Your NCTRCA certification will remain until the Agency can review the recertification submittal.


18. What happens if there are any changes to the business or its structure?

The certification guidelines require the NCTRCA to be notified of any changes made in the company, including ownership, address, telephone/fax number or email address. These changes must be submitted when the change occurs or within 30-days of the change being made.


19. Does certification imply a qualification?

No. Certification only states that a firm meets the eligibility criteria to be certified as a disadvantaged/minority/woman-owned business. The NCTRCA does not recommend or imply that a particular firm is qualified or not qualified to perform the services stated in its application.


20. Will my financial information be subject to the Open Records Act?

No. Both the federal government and the State of Texas exempt all financial information of a certification record from the open records act.


21. How do I determine which certification is best for my company?

Please attend one of the NCTRCA Certification Workshops to obtain in depth information on the various certifications and how they may assist your business. For a schedule of the workshops, please go to and select the Training button in the System Training section or you can also click here.

Also contact the member entity that you are seeking business from to verify the type of certification it requires. For the member organization list and contact information, please click: Member Entities

It is recommended that the vendor reads the procedures manual. To see the procedures manual, please select Resources from the top menu and go to Procedures Manual or you can click here.


22. If I am MBE or WBE certified am I automatically DBE certified?

No. Currently the NCTRCA only issues one type of certification per firm.  If a firm chooses to change from MBE or WBE, the firm must apply for DBE or ACDBE certification. An application can be found on our website. See the link for the “Upgrade Process” to learn the requirements of a DBE certification once you are MBE/WBE certified.


23. If I am DBE certified am I automatically considered as a SBE firm?

No, you must submit a new SBE application.


24. If, I am an ethnic female owned business can I be classified as a WBE?

Yes. Ethnic female owned businesses can be classified as a WBE/MBE/SBE firm.


25. What is the TUCP?

The Texas Unified Certification Program (TUCP) is a certification process for the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Programs in Texas. The TUCP eliminates the repetitive DBE certification requirements for businesses that choose to participate in multiple federal State of Texas contracts.


26. If I am DBE certified with the NCTRCA do I have to be certified with any other TUCP partners? 

No. Your DBE certification with any one TUCP partner is valid throughout the state.


27. Who are the TUCP partners?

City of Austin

City of Houston

Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA)

North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA)

South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA)

Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).


28. How do I add additional NAICS codes to my certification?

You must log into your account in the Certification Management System. Navigate to your home page and select Renew/Apply for Certification located under Key Actions on the right-hand side. Please include your statement with a detailed description of the service or product you are providing, 2-3 executed contracts or invoices specifically identifying the service or product you will be providing, 2-3 client references for which the services have been provided, and a list of equipment required to provide the service. The Agency will review the information presented and re-evaluate your current certification.


29. How can my firm obtain a list of certified firms?

The Agency will only release a complete list of certified firms to the member entities. If a firm is bidding or proposing on a particular project with the member entities, some member entities will release a portion of the list based on the business opportunities specifically needed. Please check with that member entity to determine if that is their practice.